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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Defrost your refrigerator the easy way

If you are a fulltimer you've no doubt noticed that over time ice builds up on the cooling fins of your refrigerator. And you've probably dreaded having to unload all your food to defrost.

Try this instead. Buy a small, cheap, plastic fan and place it on the top shelf of your refrigerator (move all the food to the lower shelves) and aim it at the fins. Plug it in and close the reefer door.

The air from the fan will defrost the fins in about an hour. After 20 minutes or so, open the door and re-direct the fan at the spots that are still icy. You can also slide sheets of the loosened ice off the fins and discard. Afterward your fridge will work more efficiently, and you won't lose any food in the process.


  1. Where does the melted ice go once it's done? My fridge has a small opening just below the catch tray underneath the fins, but I don't know where that goes. There's no water in the bottom of the fridge.

  2. An even better idea is to purchase a 12 volt refrigerator fan that is wired in to your fridge lightand have it run continuously to circulate cold air and keep the frost off your fins. The best ones are low-voltage computer type fans modified for RV fridge use. Available on ebay for about $15 and they come with directions for the novice.
    Well worth the money.

  3. Meg & the Beast:
    My fridge has the same setup- the water goes through a hose and exits to the area behind the fridge access panel on the outside of the RV. There is also a drain hole in the bottom of the fridge that goes into the same drain hose.

  4. I agree with Allison Hardy's post. We bought one of those from Ebay and have not had a problem with frosted fins anymore at all.

    Plus our food is more uniform in temp around the whole fridge. No more frozen lettuce! LOL

  5. how do you do your rv freezer? I realized with our new one that turning off the refrigerator and letting it defrost, does nothing for the freezer. So I still do what they say not to.....hairblower but not close to anything! Any other ideas? That stuff does NOT drain out from the freezer. I just use rags and soak up the stuff and throw it out and try to remove the other stuff with the hair blower. I guess it would last longer if i didn't defrost it that way but we got 6 years from our last one and I think it was probably okay except for the outside temps in Phoenix. Next time I will get a real refrigerator for this thing!

    1. I turn the refer off, boil 2-3 small pans of water place on top shelf of refer close foot 15-20 min it falls off


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