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Monday, October 31, 2011

Flush your black water tank the easy way

You can flush your black tank with your gray water. Here's how.

  • Dump your black tank but leave the valve open. 
  • Hold a section of your dump hose above the level of the black tank outlet. 
  • Open the gray water tank valve. The water will rush into you black tank. 
  • After a second or two, close your gray water tank valve. 
  • Allow your black water tank to drain. 
  • Open your gray water tank valve again and finish dumping. 
The gray water will also flush out your dump hose.

1 comment:

  1. NO NO NO!!!! This is a terrible recommendation as written, and no different than leaving your endcap on and opening both valves! Allowing your grey water to run across into your black tank means you're also allowing your black tank's sludge to wash the other direction and infect your grey tank. No, you don't drink out of your grey tank either, but I sure don't want "doo" backwashing in places it doesn't belong!


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